Abeer Mohsen – Yemeni Journalist
The law in Yemen is selective and discriminatory against women, focusing it’s restrictions on the shops and centers where they worked, while other shops belonging to men were left open without any threats.
Safia Mahdi
Indeed, the area is flood-prone and had regularly witnessed heavy damages and losses, but over the past few months, the floods that could be the worst that have ever hit the country, one that was already reeling from a severe deterioration in its infrastructure, and the difficult humanitarian and living conditions that undermine the resilience of the people and buildings to stand any more.
Dawlat Al-Hasbani
There are seriously dangerous hidden dimensions in the absence of real information related to the break out of the pandemic in Yemen. The consequences will not only affect Yemen but its impact may also include other places in the future…
Safia Mahdi
In conjunction with the widespread uprisings around the world condemning racial discrimination against minorities, more division and discrimination practices deepen within the Yemeni society.
Wael Sharha
Many Yemenis are concerned about the ill-equipped hospitals that are not prepared to take the precautionary measures to confront Corona…
Abeer Mohsen – Yemeni Journalist
Samiha was beaming with joy when she saw her family in court, only for her mother to suddenly pull a knife that she had smuggled under her garment, pass it on to her son, who then pounced and stabbed his sister in the neck.
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