Lina Abu Habib
It is indeed such situations of crisis that show us the cruelty of the patriarchal system and its institutional ramification. The abysmal failure of our states to protect women and curb gender based violence can no longer be hidden or excused. What the crisis has showed us is that feminist organizing is not only live and kicking but also creative and resilient and saves lives.
Khawla Bou Kareem
“Whenever I remember how negative the police officer’s attitude was, I laugh and cry at the same time. As I told him that my husband had kicked me out of the house, his response was to tell me to go back home, because the ‘Coronavirus’ is everywhere! Is there a coronavirus more dangerous to my health than being beaten and deprived of my child without any valid reason or right?!”
لتصلكم نشرة درج الى بريدكم الالكتروني