Tik Tok

Omar Salam
“I live in a swamp, in a swamp I swear, and I am dying 100 times every day, because my future is lost,” said TikTok girl Hanine Hosam in court. She has been sentenced to three years for posting videos on a social media app.
Hani Mohamad
Anything goes in Egypt’s theater of the absurd. Two young girls have been sentenced to up to 10 years behind bars for promoting the Likee app on TikTok. A Cairo judge qualified it as “human trafficking.”
This service is likely seen as providing a “safe haven” for those who do not want to join the military and cannot afford to pay the exemption fee, which recently shot up to approximately $8,000.
Tracy Jawad
Camille had a breast reduction for medical reasons. The surgeon promised her a “harmonious look,” yet she ended up with “breasts that no longer look like breasts.” A story about medical malpractice, and not having a legal foot to stand on.
Reed Matar
Menna Abdel-Aziz’s circulating video was a shocking event that gave us a reality check and placed us in the face of a revolting scene. The scene confirms to women that even if they were to walk away from the public sphere into the virtual one, they will still get dragged out of that space and get violated on a daily basis. It pushes the unfortunate narrative that they will continue to be carrying their beautiful bodies around like a burden, like Sisyphus’s boulder, on their backs.
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