The Arab Spring drew enormous scrutiny to the wealth Arab elites had stashed abroad. A leak of bank data reveals how figures linked to regimes in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Jordan, and elsewhere held hundreds of millions at Credit Suisse before and after the uprising.
After a yearlong inquiry, the investigative unit of Swiss media group Tamedia can now confirm that most of the chemicals meant to produce Voltaren never reached their destination. A former Syrian general fears they were used to manufacture chemical weapons.
The Riad Salameh saga continues: Swiss documents request Lebanon’s cooperation to investigate alleged embezzlement and money laundering worth hundreds of millions.
Alex Spoerndli
In order to track down money that had flown out of the Lebanese Central Bank, Lebanon last year submitted a request for legal assistance to Switzerland, which got lost in nowhere. Now, a year later, Switzerland submits a request for legal assistance to Lebanon – to trace funds. From where this sudden change of heart?
Daraj has learned from more than one source that this legal process is not limited to Switzerland, but that similar cases have started taking place in Britain, France and the United States of America.
Vicken Cheterian
A global system based on financial calculations is evidently not the way to save our human souls. But this capitalist system looks today so fragile, powerless.
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