Moustapha Alaasar
Nour Ashour committed suicide by jumping off the 3rd floor of the Cairo office of telecom giant Teleperformance, which in 2021 had a global turnover of over $7 billion. His death triggered a debate about working conditions in these firms which push their employees to the limit with little or no respect for the law.
Eman Adel
Passant Khaled committed suicide following the online publication of fake naked photos of her. Perhaps, with her death and goodbye letter, she wished to shake up her family, her village, and Egyptian society as a whole, for them to truly feel the immense harm caused when girls are bullied and publicly shamed.
Mohsen Mohamad
Suicide is strongly stigmatized in Egypt. Hence, people will do anything to deny a death was the result of suicide. Officially, there were only 69 suicides in the country in 2019. It is feared the real figure is much higher and on the rise…  
Nour Al-Safadi
Psychotherapist Hammam Farah explains that suicide attempts are a reflection of a deep desire to escape suffering, and that “understanding why there is a feeling of despair prevailing in Lebanon is not difficult, given the current political and economic situation.”
Mustafa Ibrahim –
Suleiman used his brother’s handgun to put an end to his life. He went upstairs to the rooftop and fired a mercy shot inside his mouth, trying by doing so to say what he could not say when he was alive.
Bana Beidoun
When the protests, the chanting, and all other means of resistance failed to work, Ali had nothing left except for his body. He used it as a way to reenact the murderous violence practiced by the mafia regime that rules us with all its parties, lastly through their new policy of humiliation and starvation, that is currently taking place in Lebanon.
Said Walfakir
“Factors of suicide overlap, pile up, accumulate and get complicated until the person who is about to commit suicide no longer recognizes the problems he was facing and complaining about, whether they were related to poverty, social hardships, diseases, bankruptcy or any other reason.”
Nawzat Shamdeen
Suicide, unemployment, domestic violence and the abandonment of children..
Hussein Mehdy- Reem Trad
Do domestic workers in Lebanon really commit suicide, or are they pushed to kill themselves?
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