Saad Hariri

Charbel EL-Khoury
The danger lies in the sectarian parties restricting opposition to only a few platforms by threatening people who wish to welcome political gatherings and debate, and calling upon their supporters to boycott their venues
Myriam Sweidan
“Although his supporters realize that Saad has many shortcomings, the tragedy that surrounds his career has brought him closer to the Sunni street. He enjoys a level of acceptance that Bahaa, despite his relentless attempts, has not managed to achieve.
Charbel EL-Khoury
President Michel Aoun expressed his deepest sorrows in his comments on the Akkar massacre, as did his son-in-law Gebran Bassil. But will they also express regrets that it is their representatives protecting Akkar’s smugglers? And will they agree to lifting immunity if necessary?
Pascale Sawma
People in Tripoli have started selling their clothes to buy a tank of gas or some medicine, and yet they were arrested and violently beaten for taking to the streets to protest.
Hazem El Amin
You, Mr. Macron, came to tell us that we were the ones who had elected Hezbollah, and so we will have to live with its weapons! You yourself however, do not practice what you preach. All of Europe has classified Hezbollah’s military wing as a terrorist organization, and yet we live under the rule of the party’s military wing. Why should you be entitled to what we are not entitled to? How can the elections, held under the supervision of this military faction, be fair?
Hazem El Amin
Lebanon is at a truly pivotal moment, and its existence is at stake. In this critical moment, Saad Hariri, Najib Mikati, Fouad Siniora, and Tammam Salam have decided that an undistinguished man, whose biography has been stained with many flaws, shall shoulder this enormous responsibility.
لتصلكم نشرة درج الى بريدكم الالكتروني