Riad Salame

Alia Ibrahim
The Pandora Papers come to increase the suspicions surrounding not only BDL’s governer, but the political system associated with him for more than three decades, which, despite all the suspicions surrounding him, seems to adhere to his remaining in office.
Rami El-Amin
Toters Delivery was founded with the help of three capital venture firms, with close family ties to the ruling elite, that were handed millions thanks to the Lebanese Central Bank’s Circular 331.
The Riad Salameh saga continues: Swiss documents request Lebanon’s cooperation to investigate alleged embezzlement and money laundering worth hundreds of millions.
Ali Nour
If you think the current crisis is bad, imagine what is yet to come once the BDL removes subsidies on fuel, medicine and wheat.
Alex Spoerndli
In order to track down money that had flown out of the Lebanese Central Bank, Lebanon last year submitted a request for legal assistance to Switzerland, which got lost in nowhere. Now, a year later, Switzerland submits a request for legal assistance to Lebanon – to trace funds. From where this sudden change of heart?
Daraj has learned from more than one source that this legal process is not limited to Switzerland, but that similar cases have started taking place in Britain, France and the United States of America.
Ali Nour
The ballooning banking crisis is set to become even more complicated this year, with the recapitalization requirements for banks unlikely to bring any avail to Lebanese depositors.
Alia Ibrahim, Hazem El-Amin from Daraj Media, and Tom Stocks, Riad Kobeissi, Rana Sabbagh from (OCCRP)
Offshore companies owned by the governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon have quietly invested in overseas assets worth nearly US$100 million in recent years, even as he has encouraged others to invest in his economically devastated country.
Dima Sadek has been accused of “Tarnishing the State’s Reputation.” Don’t you think that this statement is just out of place nowadays? How can we speak about the state’s prestige, amidst an economic collapse and social unrest? How can we speak about its reputation after the banks’ abuse of trust, and where can it be found when the banks violate the laws?
As governor of the Lebanese Central Bank, Riad Salamé was in charge of monetary policy for over 25 years. Now, a document claims his wealth amounts to over $2 billion, while the Lebanese people are bankrupt and living in a bankrupt state.
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