Lebanese Judiciary

Ali Nour
Despite the political dimensions, it must be said that Judge Ghada Aouns’ investigations have revealed numerous violations, as billions of depositors’ money were smuggled out of the country at the start of the banking crisis.
The systematic campaign against Judge Bitar was accompanied by a number of fraudulent maneuvers in which the ruling forces managed to evade punishment and to disrupt and obstruct the investigation.
Diana Moukalled
In a country that has long been pardoning war criminals and the corrupt, today the killers of women are enshrined among its concubines.
Miryam Swaidan – Pascale Sawma
The recent removal of Judge Fadi Sawan as lead investigator brings the inquiry into the Beirut Port explosion back to square one. Will justice ever prevail?
Hala Nasreddine
Where is the truth? What are the results of the investigation? Why is the judiciary not making any statements? These are but a few of the many painful questions asked by the families of the victims of the Beirut Port explosion. More than six months have passed, and not one official has been held accountable for the biggest crime in Lebanon’s history.
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