Kafala System

Nourhan Sharaf Eddine
The many problems of foreign domestic workers highlight workers’ problems, women’s problems, and the failure of the Kafala system. They also shed a light on the racism foreign girls face, the class system determining their social status and the commodification of their work.
Myriam Sweidan
Some 30 Kenyans sleep outside the Kenyan consulate demanding to go home. As Lebanon is virtually bankrupt, thousands of female foreign workers have been abandoned. They often have not been paid for months.
Ghalia Al Alwani- Syrian Journalist
The clauses stipulated in the contract sound promising, although they do not tackle enough factors regarding the murderous discrimination of the migrant domestic workers in Lebanon to get to a stage where the Kafala system can be said to be abolished.
Ghalia Al Alwani- Syrian Journalist
It is incredibly disheartening, to see those angrily expressing their solidarity with the US at the moment, but who wouldn’t speak a word towards migrant domestic worker justice.
Myriam Sweidan
The economic crisis that the country is suffering through has weighed heavily on migrant workers; because of the lack of dollars, they are unable to send money back to their countries, because converting the Lebanese currency to the dollar at currency exchange offices means losing a large portion of its value.
Maya El Ammar
“I don’t visit you because I want to protect you and protect myself,” Ward said, explaining to his family the reason behind his absence. What he said carried only partly some truth, but the main reason he didn’t visit was Ward’s need to avoid hearing his parents calling him by his old name, or humiliating him based on anything related to his homosexuality..
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