Fadia Abd Al-Hamid Al-Tai
“Suddenly, there was a newfound openness. People entered the era of the Internet, satellite channels and smartphones. Iraqi women began looking at the experiences of women in other parts of the world and tried to construct a new modern image for themselves. But this ran into a wall of tribal structures and the general misunderstanding of religion that has been there for centuries.”
Alia Ibrahim
We traveled to Iraq to see the reality on the ground behind the leaked Ericsson documents. We returned with our bags filled with tales on tax evasion, labor exploitation, ISIS funding and people suffering.  
Hala Nasreddine
Documents from an internal Ericsson investigation show how the Swedish telecom giant used layers upon layers of subcontracting companies in order to evade taxes including social security fees.
Hala Nasreddine
Despite the ISIS invasion of Iraq, Ericsson put pressure on employees and contractors to get the Peroza Project done. Affan got kidnapped and threatened but lived to tell the tale. The Swedish telecom giant went on to pay Iraqi firms to circumvent federal taxes – money that is highly likely to have ended up in ISIS pockets.
Rami El-Amin
The absolute star in the Ericsson documents is former Alfa Chairman and CEO Marwan Hayek, who created a triangle of interests: Alfa, Quality Telecom Services (QTS), owned by his wife, and Ericsson, where his brother-in-law worked in a good position.
Aya Mansour
With the rise of the religious tide in the country, and the increase in corruption and political division, many Iraqis see no other way to solve their worldly issues than to visit the imams’ shrines, and pray …
Rami El-Amin
A visit of a few hours to a historical city as Mosul is not enough to judge. But three hours without seeing a woman or girl in the street, café, or even behind the wheel, is certainly an indication of things. Just like the girl who hid in a shop to smoke a cigarette.
Hazem El Amin
Iraq has recovered some 300 artifacts from the Nabu Museum. Yet, it remains unknown how they ever got there. Likewise the fate of thousands of other stolen pieces remains unknown. The 17,000 artifacts that were recently recovered from the US only illustrate the massive scale of the disaster that has befallen upon the cultural treasures of ancient Mesopotamia.
Sinar Hassan
“I couldn’t do anything because I was afraid, then when I went to receive the treatment, the nurse asked me, ‘Are you a boy or a girl? Have we not gotten rid of those [trans people] yet? I thought the clerics and authorities prevented them from being out among us.’
Montazar Al-Kharsan
The Iraqi parliament’s first session was a theatrical and colorful affair that ended in blows. If street logic is allowed to enter the country’s democratic arena, what does that tell us about the health of the country’s state’s institutions.
لتصلكم نشرة درج الى بريدكم الالكتروني