Omar Salam
“I live in a swamp, in a swamp I swear, and I am dying 100 times every day, because my future is lost,” said TikTok girl Hanine Hosam in court. She has been sentenced to three years for posting videos on a social media app.
Hani Mohamad
“The Christian nerve is the most inflamed in the Egyptian body, because the authorities have failed to integrate it into the Egyptian fabric.”
Sara Jamal
Rasha Azab faces up to two years imprisonment for speaking out against the alleged sexual abuse of Islam al-Azazi. According to Amnesty International, the Egyptian authorities “have threatened, arbitrarily detained and prosecuted victims, witnesses and activists, who dare report or campaign against sexual violence.”
Hani Mohamad
The Middle East’s highest paid journalist, Amr Adib, advised Egyptians to stop buying organic eggs and pastrami to deal with the ever increasing food prices. Most Egyptians have never tasted either. They can hardly pay for the basics. For them even koshari is a luxury …
Moustapha Alaasar
Nour Ashour committed suicide by jumping off the 3rd floor of the Cairo office of telecom giant Teleperformance, which in 2021 had a global turnover of over $7 billion. His death triggered a debate about working conditions in these firms which push their employees to the limit with little or no respect for the law.
Karim Shafik
Political assassinations in Lebanon, which almost become part of the country’s routine, highlight a complex history of foreign interventions and their repercussions on the local political, societal and sectarian reality.
Ahmed Gamal Ziada
Numerous Egyptian lawyers who dared defend a politically sensitive case have ended up in jail. Charged with such bogus accusations as “joining a terrorist cell,” they may be detained indefinitely due to the Kafka-esque practice of “rotating.”
Reed Matar
The Cairo International Book Fair attracted record crowds, despite the many banned books and silenced voices of writers and publishers. Some have been deported from the country altogether. Meanwhile, the Saudi pavilion had no fears of being accused of extremism.
Nasser Kamel
Egyptian President Sisi shocked the world with a speech at the World Youth Forum. “Money is the most important thing in life,” Sisi has repeatedly claimed. But does that mean he can trample the constitution and auction an entire nation and its people to the highest bidder?
Eman Adel
Passant Khaled committed suicide following the online publication of fake naked photos of her. Perhaps, with her death and goodbye letter, she wished to shake up her family, her village, and Egyptian society as a whole, for them to truly feel the immense harm caused when girls are bullied and publicly shamed.
لتصلكم نشرة درج الى بريدكم الالكتروني