Ghalia Al Alwani- Syrian Journalist
At a time when the globalized world has allowed for a large range of flexibility in terms of the Muslim or Christian identity, the Corona virus has now, more than ever, highlighted a rift as old as time, amongst the anti-religious and the religious, but perhaps more importantly, among the religious and the extremists.
Samar Faisal- Saudi Journalist
Why was Al-Qahtani acquitted from the murder of Jamal Khashoggi? Who will benefit from this?
Hazem El Amin- Alia Ibrahim
Iraqi security experts assert that eliminating Abu-Bakr al-Baghdady is crucial in the war on Isis. There are fears that the last reemergence of al-Baghdady may signal an attempt to regroup his forces.
لتصلكم نشرة درج الى بريدكم الالكتروني