Zainab Al Mshat- Iraqi journalist
Many families have been infected with the Coronavirus in Iraq, alongside a lack of awareness about how to deal with these cases, even among medical staff, which has made those infected feel ostracized, linking being infected with the Coronavirus with a stigma that has made everyone around them avoid them.
Ali Moustafa
“It seems that the curse of the embargo and isolation from the world during the past years has turned into a blessing; while the citizens of the world are banned from leaving their homes for fear of catching the virus that is spread in their country, and resorting to working from home, we are going out and having fun.”
Habib Shadeh
Evacuating Abu-Mahmoud’s House was executed under “Decree 66” that aimed to construct an integrated urban area. Although the decree had been passed 7 years ago, Abu-Mahmoud’s sons didn’t receive an alternative housing.
Hadeel Mahdi
This scene has raised a lot of questions concerning the budget and funding of “Hezbollah” itself, including its supporters, fighters and institutions, and the salaries paid to the thousands of its men, in US dollars, as well as the use of the American M16, a weapon they deployed during the war, among other questions.
Mussa Youssef and Muhammad Ibrahim
The “Zamalek apartment” opened its door for us to track the smuggling of valuable pharaonic antiquities from the residence of an Italian citizen to a private shipping company where the stolen art is wrapped in parcels, loaded onto a container and transported from the port of Alexandria to Salerno in Italy.
Salma Zayed
The Syrian woman today is expected to play several roles, due to the intense current circumstances, which still include harsh challenges.
Said Walfakir
In this investigation, we narrate the stories of the arrests of a group of citizens and activists in the recent period, which came about as a result of their expressing of opposition against the policies of the state.
Abdul Latif Haj Muhammad- Syrian Journalist
Sarah, who had escaped war-torn Rural Idlib in northern Syria and sought refuge with her family in Sweden, is one of 12 cases we document in this report, which monitors child removal by Social Services in Sweden, in cases involving physical and psychological violence, and parental ineptitude.
Abdallah El Mohammad- Syrian Journalist
This report documents the cases of mentally challenged Syrian girls who have been forced to have hysterectomy, for fear of pregnancy due to rape, or to avoid the troubles and pains of menstruation, which the girls are unable to deal with.
Zainab Al Mshat- Iraqi journalist
‘No one loves Iraq as I do’: Those were Safaa’s words, his answer to our cynical question of what makes him go to every demonstration and stand in its front rows when the situation is so hopeless and politicians are already dividing up the Iraqi cake among themselves.
Rawad Ali- Syrian journalist
Ghayath was not alone in that old room inside Cairo International Airport. Fate has placed him there with another 100-150 Syrians. Women, children and elderly, all arrested and facing deportation because they were Syrians, although carrying valid residency and refugee cards, issued by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ‘(UNHCR). Among the detainees were businessmen who invested millions in projects inside Egypt…
Khaled Suleiman- Iraqi writer and journalist
In Sumar, a town located about 30 kilometers north of Diwaniyah city in the region of al-Furat al-Awsat in Iraq, lives Halimah al-Sawady who found herself beset by challenges triggered by climate change…
Eman Adel- Egyptian journalist
In the intensive care unit at Shirbin hospital, Jannah Mohammad Samir Hafiz’s four-year-old body occupied only a third of the bed on which she drew her last breath…
Hazem El Amin- Alia Ibrahim
Isn’t it strange that most Tunisian experts will give the same answer when you ask them about the reason behind the participation of thousands of Tunisians in the battles in Syria? The reason, they say, is: “Freedom!”
Hazem El Amin- Alia Ibrahim
Everyone Daraj interviewed in Tunisia, from researchers to journalists and officials, confirm the existence of well-known entities behind sending Tunisians to Syria after the revolution broke out there.
Hazem El Amin- Alia Ibrahim
More than a hundred young men left al-Alia town to join the war in Syria, between 2012-2014, the period of the “Troika Rule”, as Tunisians call the years when al-Nahda Movement, the Tunisian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, was in power.
Khaled Suleiman- Iraqi writer and journalist
After the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003, Iraqis did not wait long before starting to rebuild what was destroyed. They brought down the dams that Saddam built and let water flood and revive their reservoirs. This is a look at the prevailing situation, years later.
Ayman Makkia- Syrian journalist
Samar, a Syrian girl from Aleppo, had no idea her marriage to a rich Saudi man in Istanbul would only last one day. This 22-year-old had been longing for a more stable life, away from the atrocities of war. Her hope vanished when she realized she was a victim of a short-term marriage, arranged by her matchmaker, or khattaba, whom she met by chance, when she shared rooms with her and other single Syrian girls in Istanbul.
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