On Daraj

Diana Moukalled
The Netflix reality TV series on the lives of the rich and famous in Dubai in fact offers very little that is “for real.” In the Gulf countries, art and entertainment increasingly serve as a luminous facade to cover up social and political repression.
UN Women Lebanon
When women work, economies grow. Lebanon has a host of well-educated and talented women; empowering them to participate equally in the economic recovery presents an opportunity that Lebanon cannot afford to miss – it is “smart economics.”
Women being required to have a male guardian in order to travel was thought to be something that would never happen in Yemen. It was something that Yemeni women would only see from afar in neighboring Saudi Arabia. Yet today, as male guardianship has come to an end in Saudi Arabia, the Houthi movement in Yemen has imposed exactly that on women living in areas under their control.
Samar Faisal- Saudi Journalist
Five years since the Saudi night of the long knives, the war in Yemen still has not ended. The Lebanese political scene cannot be reduced to an overthrow of Hariri. The alleged corruption continues. And Qatar is hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup …
Manahel Alsahoui
The film has undermined the “male kingdom of women” by talking about women who think about sex and ask for it. As such, the film seems to have sparked patriarchy’s deepest fears: that women have sexual opinions and desires of their own and dare claim their place.
Dr. Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay
What is happening on the streets of Iran’s cities, led by young women and often schoolchildren, with people from many different backgrounds together on the streets, is special. It is a whole generation of young people, some not more than teenagers, calling into question the very basis of their regime and its ruling elite, men often over ninety years old.
Miryam Swaidan
“The Israeli authorities promote Israel as a shelter for LGBTQ people, while purposefully portraying Palestinian repression. But in reality the same authorities threaten Palestinian queers to coerce them into cooperating with them. They accuse them of espionage or blackmail them by threatening to reveal their sexual orientation.”
Nadia Mabrouk
I was three years old at that time. Two of my uncles came to visit my mother, and my father’s family decided to leave them alone. Not long after, gunshots were heard… They killed my mother with 8 bullets, merely for marrying my father against her family’s will.
Farrah Akbik
Palestine. Palestine. Palestine. Never to be silenced. Rest in peace Shereen Abu Aqhleh.
Malath Alzoubi
Bassel would take me into Damascus’ side streets and alleys to “secret” restaurants and shops selling the best pies, sweets and shawarma. I would never have tasted them otherwise. He was arrested in 2013 and never heard from again. Until I saw him on YouTube…
لتصلكم نشرة درج الى بريدكم الالكتروني