Samir Kassir Awards: Two Daraj Winners!

September 11, 2020
This award reformulates what it means to be a freelance journalist, concerned with the issues of your community ...

In it’s fifteenth session, nine journalistic works have reached the finals of the Samir Kassir Award for Freedom of the Press, four of which were published on the “Daraj” website. Three of our journalists came out winners, among whom is our colleague Dalal Moawad, winning the audiovisual report award for a Lebanese transgender story that was published on Daraj, so congratulations to Dalal!

The other winners were:

Reem Bin Ragab (Tunisia) in the Opinion Article category: “Hafsa and the Damned Chromosome” published on the Jeem website.

Mustafa Abu Shams (Syria) for the investigative report category entitled “Sons of the Unknown”, published on the “Aljumhuriya website.

Our colleague Kamal Al-Ayyash also won for the university students voting category, a new category created this year, for his investigation “15 years after its bombing: A generation of deformed births in Fallujah.

Among the other stories that Daraj published and were nominated:

“About Ayed Al-Qarni’s apology and what Fatwas Al-Tashqan did with our Family Pictures Album” by colleague Eman Adel from Egypt, nominated for the Opinion Essay category.

‘”Sex for food” in the shelters in Damascus and its countryside’ by our colleague Nour Ibrahim from “Egypt”, an investigation prepared by the Syrian Investigative Journalism Unit (Siraj).

“After 15 Years of its Bombing: The Generation of Deformed Births in Fallujah” by Kamal Al-Ayyash from Iraq with the support of the Iraqi Investigative Journalism Network, “NIRIJ”.

الأكثر قراءة

الأكثر قراءة
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