How Can You Stay Productive While Working From Home?

Myriam Sweidan
Lebanese Journalist
April 14, 2020
Working from home is an increasingly difficult challenge, and it requires a lot of will power and commitment. Here are few tips and tricks on how to remain productive during these times.

Things are moving and changing quickly with the news of coronavirus (COVID-19).  In an effort to help employees combat the illness, many companies have asked their teams to work from home; the virtual workplace has become the new workplace.

Working from home is a new routine for lots of people, and like any new habit you’re attempting to form, there are many steps to take; but most importantly, you need self-discipline and commitment. Who doesn’t enjoy lounging at home, spending time with their family, dog, cat, and without getting out of their pajamas? Nevertheless, working from home has real challenges. Because your days are no longer well structured, you may actually overwork and focus extensively and get burnt out, or on the other end you might be incapable of focusing at all and achieving what you want to achieve.

On the topic, “Daraj” has met with Raphael Yammine, a life coach specialized in business administration, who says that the key to being effective while working from home, is “to set boundaries around time and space”.

Here are few tips Yammine has provided, to increase productivity while working remotely.

Stick To a Routine

It might be tempting to roll directly out of bed and onto the couch to start checking your email, but you’ll need to establish a schedule when it comes to working from home -don’t forget, you’re there to work.So set an alarm, get dressed (you don’t have to be well dressed) and brush your teeth at the start of the day rather than sitting in your pajamas; you’ll need to treat the day like any other day at the office, minus the office.“Switch from home to work mode,” by having something you physically have to do to be able to “flip the switch”. 

It can be a workout, a shower, making a special kind of tea, or lighting a candle at your desk. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you create a strong association in your mind, a signal to your brain that it is time to work, and when it is time to stop as well.

Designate a Dedicated Workspace

Designate a dedicated workspace away from distractions such as the TV, background music, and the kitchen.Not all people live with the luxury of residing in a big house with several rooms, but you can place a small desk on the balcony or any other room, but avoid sleeping, working and eating in the same room. The space should also have a door to avoid interactions with others in the house.

Set Boundaries

Set boundaries with your family members, offer the space for them to understand that you are working from home and it is not a day off. When your work day ends, put away your work equipment and change into your evening or lounge clothes to help signal the shift to personal time.

You also have to be clear with the other members of your household who might be wanting your attention during the workday. This is challenging nowadays as schools are closed.

Hold Yourself and Others Accountable

Everybody needs goals. Establishing both short-term and long-term goals for yourself in regards to your career can help keep you feeling motivated and on-track during the regular work week.

Goals can include things such as progressing in your skills, taking on more responsibilities, and producing new and more inventive work. In making goals for yourself, you’re not only holding yourself more accountable for your work, but also prompting yourself to produce better work.

A great way to remain accountable to yourself is to remain accountable to your boss. While many remote employers are quite hands-off when it comes to micro-managing, it can be effective to send in daily or weekly lists of accomplishments and updates to your employer.Doing this will both keep your employer up-to-date and inspire you to be an efficient worker so that you can impress your employer through these update lists. Just because you’re not in the office doesn’t mean you can’t use the usual office pressures to motivate yourself.

Social Interaction

It is really important to show your face when possible, use video calls over the standard conference call to help simulate more interactions, to have meetings with your colleagues, and even to catch up with your friends.

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